Gemma Animae

Gemma Animae
Latin: (Migne) (Plain text on Corpus Corporum)

Introduction and Preface
Division (Ch. I)

Book 1: On the Mass [In progress]
Book 2: On the Other Hours
Book 3: On the Feasts of the Year
Book 4: On the Harmony of the Offices


On the Mass

  • The First Office (The HEAD) (Entrance Rites) (Moses Frees the People) (Christ Enters Jerusalem)

IV: On the Bishop’s Procession
V: On the Meaning of the Bells
VI: On God’s Chariot
VII: What the Bishop’s Entrance Means
VIII: What the Candles Mean
IX: What the Ministers Signify
X: What the Subdeacons Signify
XI: What the Acolytes Signify
XII: On the Thurible

  • The Second Office (The CHURCH) (Miriam’s Song) (Preparatory Rites, Epistle, Intercalary Chants)

XIV: On the Subdeacon
XV: On the Bishop
XVI: On the Cantors
XVII: On the Plowing Servant
XVIII: Another Figure

  • The Third Office (The HEAD) (The Instruction) (Moses on Sinai) (The Public Ministry)

XX: On the Deacon
XXI: What the Two Candles Signify
XXII: On the Ambo
XXIII: The Deacon’s Greeting and Sign of the Cross
XXIV: On Staves
XXV: On the Sermon

  • The Fourth Office (The CHURCH) (Moses’ Descent and Building the Tabernacle) (Christ in Jerusalem, Last Supper, Mount of Olives) (The Angels’ Praise)

XXVII: On Sacrifice
XXVIII: On the Three Sacrifices
XXIX: On the Seven Sacrifices of the Law
XXX: On the Christian Sacrifice
XXXI: On the Sacrifice of Bread
XXXII: On the Church and Its Meaning
XXXIII: On the Sacrifice of Wine
XXXIV: On the Water
XXXV: On the Form of the Bread
XXXVI: Why Mass is Sung Daily
XXXVII: On the Sub-Deacon
XXXVIII: On the Cantors
XXXIX: On the Prayer of the Priest (The Offertory)
XL: On the Secret
XLI: On the Preface (The Sacrifice of the Angels)
XLII: On the Sacrifice of the Angels (The Sanctus)
XLIII: On the Four Orders (Patriarchs, Jews, Christian Dispensation)

XLV: Mystery
XLVI: The Passion of Christ
XLVII: On Joseph
XLVIII: On the Acolyte who holds the Paten, Signifying Nicodemus
XLIX: On the Cross
L: On the First Order, and the Three Signs of the Cross
LI: On the Second Order, and the Five Crosses
LII: On the Third Order
LIII: On the Fourth Order and the Five Crosses
LIV: On the Fifth Order, and the Three Crosses
LV: On the Sixth Order, and the Five Crosses
LVI: On the Five Orders of Crosses
LVII: On the Number of Signs
LVIII: On the Seven Crosses
LIX: On the Five Prayers

LXII: On the Lord’s Peace
LXIII: On the Fraction of the Oblation (Christ Leaves hell; The General Resurrection)

The Procession

De Ecclesia

CXXXVII: On the Tapestries
CXXXVIII: On the Door
CXXXIX: On the Choir
CXL: On the Harmony of the Choir
CXLI: On the Corona
CXLII: On the Bells
CXLIII: On the Belfry

CSLVI: On Women
CXLVII: On the Cemetery
CXLVIII: The Cloister
CXLIX: The Cloister as Paradise

De Dedicatione Ecclesiae

De Ministris

CLXXIII: On Christians
CLXXIV: On Clerics
CLXXV: On Porters
CLXXVI: On Lectors
CLXXVII: On Exorcists
CLXXVIII: On Acolytes
CLXXIX: On Subdeacons

De Vestibus