Voyages Liturgiques


“The taste I have always had for the rites and ancient customs of the churches of France has led me to undertake many journeys throughout the provinces of France. I have visited the greater part of the most well-known churches and cathedrals, and I believe that in the course of these journeys I have made some discoveries in ecclesiastical and pagan antiquity that may be of some use to the public and especially to the Church.”

Procession for the Feast of the Dragon in Rouen, Clement Boulanger “Procession de la Gargouille” (1837)

St. Maurice of Vienne

  • Part 1: Various Customs
  • Part 2: The Ancient Cathedral Liturgy. Christmas. Solemn Feasts.
  • Part 3: Lent
  • Part 4: Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, and Feasts after Pentecost


  • Part 1: The Cathedral Chapter of Rouen
  • Part 2: Major Feasts and their Liturgies
  • Part 3: Ordinations and Saints’ Days
  • Part 4: Liturgy in 15th Century Rouen
  • Part 5: Public Penance in Rouen
  • Part 6: Lenten Processions and Rogation Days
  • Part 7: The Ascension Day Procession (Privilege of St. Romain)
  • Part 8: The Corpus Christi Procession and 40 Hours for the King
  • Part 9: The Dignities (Officers) of the Cathedral Chapter
  • Part 10: Choir Dress of the Canons and Choir Boys of Rouen
  • Part 11: The Nuptial Blessing and Eulogiae


Ludwig Johann Passini – Canons in St. Peter’s Church.


  • Part 1: The Office on Solemn Days
  • Part 2: Solemn Mass in the Cathedral
  • Part 3: The Triduum (and Easter Eggs!)
  • Part 4: St. Mark’s and Rogation Days

Port Royal