Traditional Roman Compline Booklet

The editors of Canticum Salomonis are happy to announce the publication of our new traditional Roman Compline booklet, which will soon be available for purchase through Amazon ($12). It contains the entire office of Compline as codified by the 1568 Breviarium Romanum with full musical notation, including the lessons and collects, based on the 1912 Antiphonale Romanum, accompanied by an English translation. It also includes the special versions of Compline said during the Holy Triduum and the Easter Octave.

The book is prefaced with a meditation, borrowed from a 15th-century English Brigittine prayer-book, on the spiritual significance of Compline, and ceremonial rubrics for the recitation of Compline in quire.

The celebration of Roman Compline before the Piodecimal reform is an excellent way to introduce neophytes to the singing of the liturgical offices. The Office changes minimally throughout the year, and always contains the same psalms (4, verses 1–6 of 30, 90, and 133) and New Testament canticle. Even those unused to singing Gregorian chant will find it easy to learn the few melodies used in traditional Compline and the 8G psalmody used to sing the psalms. We hope that this booklet will spur the celebration of Compline in many traditional communities.