Music Library

Sounds from our quire, by our Notker Balbulus. Take a look!

Tropes on the Ordinary of the Mass

Te Christe, trope on Kyrie ad lib. VI

Kyrie O theos, trope on Kyrie ad lib. VI

Tropes on the Propers of the Mass

Hodie Spiritus Sanctus, on the Pentecost Introit Spiritus Domini

Discipulis flammas infundens, on the Pentecost Introit Spiritus Domini

Spiritus almus adest, on the Pentecost Introit Spiritus Domini

Other Tropes

Troped Pater noster

Troped Apostles’ Creed

Sedentem in supernae prose-trope on the verse Regnum tuum solidum, a trope on the Gloria in excelsis: a troped trope

Benedicamus Domino hymn Verbum Patris

Compline Versicle with Trope


Profitentes Trinitatem

Emicat meridies, Nivers melody

Emicat meridies, Solesmes melody

Feast of the Circumcision
(Office of Pierre Corbeil)

Kalendas Januarias, carol for the apéritif

Magnum nomen Domini Emmanuhel, Antiphon at Compline

Compline Versicle with Trope

Troped Pater noster sung at Compline and Prime

Troped Apostles’ Creed sung at Compline and Prime

Opening Verses of Mattins, sung to melodies from the Office and Mass

Natus est, conductus at ludos after Matins

Trope of a trope: The “versicle” at Terce is a prose-trope on the verse Regnum tuum solidum permanebit in aeternum, itself a trope on the Gloria

Benedicamus hymn at the end of None

Gospel Postquam consummati sunt sung to special tone