Le Brun’s Explication

L’Explication littéral, historique, et dogmatique des prières et des cérémonies de la Messe.


A Literal, Historical and Dogmatic Explanation of the Prayers and Ceremonies of the Mass

by the Reverend Father Pierre Lebrun

Priest of the Oratory

Tome I
Edition: Paris, 1843


There is nothing greater in all religion than the Sacrifice of the Mass. The other Sacraments, nearly all the offices, and all the ceremonies of the Church are but means or preparations for its celebration, or for worthy participation in it. In it Jesus Christ offers himself for us to his Father. In it he renews each day, as the Eternal Priest, the oblation he made once on the cross, and in it he gives himself to be eaten by the faithful, who thus find at the altar the consummation of the spiritual life, since in it they feed upon God himself.”


Preliminary Treatise

Sanguis Christi – Scuola Bernini Museo di Ariccia
  1. First Article (On the sacrifice) (2)
  2. Second Article (How the faithful must prepare themselves to assist at Mass)
  3. Third Article (On the priest’s preparation)
  4. Fourth Article (On Vesting)
  5. Fifth Article (On the use of candles in antiquity)
  6. Sixth Article (On the Blessed Water Used for Aspersions at Mass)
  7. Seventh Article (On the Sunday Procession Before Mass)
  8. Eighth Article (Exiting the Sacristy to go to the altar)





The First Part of the Mass
(At the Foot)

  1. First Article (The Contents of this preparation; its origin and antiquity)
  2. Second Article (Beginning the Mass with the Sign of the Cross)
  3. Third Article (On the Introibo antiphon and Psalm Judica me Deus)
  4. Fourth Article (The Confiteor)
  5. Fifth Article (The People’s Confiteor and the Misereatur)

The Second Part of the Mass
(The Preparation)

(The Prayers and Instructions from the Ascent of the Altar to the Oblation)

  1. First Article (The Introit)
  2. Second Article (The Kyrie)
  3. Third Article (The Gloria)