Proper Verses for the Regina Cæli on the Ascension and Pentecost

Some pre-Tridentine mediæval uses had the custom of altering the third verse of the antiphon Regina cæliResurrexit, sicut dixit, alleluia (“Hath risen as he said”)—for the feasts and octaves of the Ascension and Whitsun. The 1560 Breviary of Barcelona, for instance, has the following rubric:

And it is to be noted that from the day of the Ascension until the vigil of Pentecost inclusive [the verse] Resurrexit is omitted & is said Iam ascendit (“Hath already ascended”). And on the day of Pentecost and throughout its octave in the place of the song Iam ascendit sicut dixit is said Adimplevit quod promisit (“Hath fulfilled what he promised”).

Although in the Dominican use the Salve regina is said after Compline throughout the year, adding an alleluia during Paschaltide, some houses did have the custom of singing in Paschaltide the Regina cæli during the procession to the Rosary altar held on Saturdays after Compline, in place of the usual prose Inviolata. Whenever the Regina cæli was sung between Ascension and the Vigil of Pentecost, the verse Resurrexit was also changed to Jam ascendit. In his study on Dominican Compline, Frank Gorton asserts that this practice dates back to 1256 (Compline in the Dominican Rite, p. 141).

The Regina cæli in the 1949 Completorii Libellus juxta ritum S. Ordinis Prædicatorum (p. 132).

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