A New Resource for the Study of Chant: The Graduale Synopticum

An admirable new resource for liturgical music has recently been made available by the University of Regensburg. Our readers might have already been acquainted with their impressive Antiphonale Synopticum, a database allowing users to compare versions of thousands of antiphons of the Divine Office from 12 representative manuscripts, in both adiastematic and diastematic notation. 

Now the Graduale Synopticum offers the same sort of synoptic tables for the propers of the Mass, allowing one easily to analyze the most ancient musically-notated versions of this repertoire. The result is similar to the Graduale Triplex, but much enriched with several additional manuscript sources. 

A truly spectacular achievement, invaluable for anyone interested in Gregorian chant. 

0002 Ytab.png
The introit Ad te levavi of the First Sunday of Advent according to ten representative manuscripts, as seen on the Graduale Synopticum: (from top to bottom) Angelica 123; Chartres 47; Laon 239; Benevento 34; Albi B. N. Lat. 776; Yrieix B. N. Lat. 903; Klosterneuburg; Zwettl 196; Montpellier.

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